A fresh spin on Digital PR

The commercial challenge

Go Car Credit, one of the UK’s leading vehicle finance companies, was frustrated with the quality of the backlinks to its site.

These were often irrelevant and of poor value, yielding low rankings and little traffic. So, the brand approached us about implementing a new Digital PR strategy.

illustration of cars
go car credit digital pr titles

The human problem

Drivers are among the most heavily targeted of all market sectors. As a result, most have become very adept at filtering out the majority of campaigns aimed at them. To achieve real cut through  we would need to truly understand their mindset and what content they would find compelling.

Our insight

We knew Go Car Credit needed to join in the conversation of car users to create valuable engagement, and to do this we had to find fresh but relevant stories and angles as hooks.

go car credit digital pr results

Our approach

Our first step was a 360˚ analysis. From content to audience, from existing links to assets, we wanted a complete picture of what Go Car Credit and the marketplace were doing.

We particularly targeted those trade sites and publications where competitors were outperforming us and where Go Car Credit by rights, should have market leading authority.

Then we got creative; generating Digital PR campaigns using a range of surveys, image-led content and Go Car Credit’s internal information sources. This gave us proprietary data from which we extracted compelling human interest stories that would resonate with our key target publications.

The results

There was an immediate and sustained uplift in Go Car Credit’s ranking and traffic. We generated the following results:

  • Digital PR drive generated 35 pieces of content
  • Featured in titles such as the Express, Road Record and Daily Record
  • Estimated 1.3 million views
  • Average 71 Domain Authority

The client also benefited from a 111% increase in keywords ranked and an 8% increase in organic searches.