Making ice clear cut

The commercial challenge

The Ice Co has a number of different bestselling ice cube brands within its portfolio. However, internally, there was lack of clarity around the distinct purpose of each of the brands in relation to one another.

This meant that there was inconsistency across various channels when communicating about their product line, specifically on social.


The Ice Co party ice logo

The human problem

For most consumers one ice cube is the same as another. And yet when they are educated a little about the varieties on offer, they soon appreciate the differences. But if the company themselves weren’t that clear on the nuances, how could we impart that information to their target audiences?

Our insight

The brand needed to re-establish what its portfolio stood for. So, CreativeRace ran a collaborative workshop between The Ice Co’s internal teams and our agency specialists. We discussed what each of three core brands represented, what their personality traits were and how their individual territories of content could be communicated across social media.

Our approach

Using the findings from the workshop our team created three comprehensive yet easily digestible social playbooks that outlined core content around the audience demographic, consumption occasions, brand personality and tone of voice and suitable themes. These social playbooks will act as a guide for how the team at The Ice Co can generate engaging and consistent content that sits within distinct brand parameters on their social channels.

The impact

We immediately received very positive feedback from various teams within The Ice Co, from marketing to the board for the level of strategic thinking put into these playbooks and how practical yet inspiring they are.