Social media that drives real success

The power of social is undeniable, yet so often elusive. Our bespoke approach ensures predictable outcomes through constant evaluation.

To say today’s customers love social media, is something of an understatement. Its influence is everywhere. So, if your brand doesn’t yet have a creatively engaging, smoothly curated presence across all the major social platforms, then we have the knowledge, skills and resource to put that right.


Social content development & planning

Every social channel has its own challenges. To ensure cut-through, we work collaboratively with our clients to develop content that stops scrollers in their tracks. Utilising our in-house expertise, from creative planning sessions to bespoke graphic design, we curate unique and exciting content.

Marketing can so easily be ignored in the noisy world we live in. That’s why we always start with what our audiences actually care about and work back to the brand from there – developing weekly, monthly and annual social content laydowns that fit (rather than are forced) into customers’ lives.

Social strategy & tone of voice

Success in social always begins with a meaningful strategy, based on a specific brand or business objective. Only then can we define and deliver the ‘voice’ of your brand, using just the right language to gain traction with your target market.

Social channel & community management

Building and nurturing a community of loyal, engaged users is a social media must. Having a presence on social isn’t enough if your brand isn’t interacting, or listening to, your audience. Through strategic platform placement and always-on community management, we build and maintain online communities that thrive through connection.

Success in social always begins with a meaningful strategy, based on a specific brand or business objective.

Our Social Media manifesto

With almost 5 billion active social media users globally, having an organic social media strategy, plan and presence is a marketing-must. We create platform and audience-suited content plans as well as utilising organic social management tools to plan, schedule, and report on our activity.

Social listening is extremely important when ideating social media content. We need to have a clear understanding of our audience and the interests, behaviours, and actions of our audience on social media in order to create and deliver top-performing content. We use quality intelligence platforms like YouGov and Brandwatch to conduct our social listening and stay up to date with our audience.

As well as ensuring we know our audience inside and out, we stay current with the latest social media trends, topics, platforms and platform changes. Social media is a constantly evolving world and we know that to thrive means to always stay on-trend and in the know.

millie mckenzie creativerace

Millie McKenzie

Millie McKenzie is the Social Media Account Manager at CreativeRace, heading up our organic social media function. Millie’s background is primarily in food & drink marketing, working with clients such as SKIPPY Peanut Butter, Leeds-based Mighty Drinks, and Very Lazy. Millie also runs a personal food-blog with over 10K followers.