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Helping VIP SKI get back on piste

The core challenge

Our initial goals when working with VIP SKI were to support the brand relaunch, whilst attracting the right type of customer and maximising performance.

However, we were faced with the challenge of travel restrictions, the ongoing pandemic, and an ultra-competitive market. It seemed like a steep mountain to climb, but one that we navigated impressively.

The insight

We initially conducted thorough audience research using YouGov and existing customer data to develop a rounded understanding of VIP SKI’s new more targeted audience and just as importantly the legacy audience that VIP SKI could no longer service.

Once we understood the audience, we then looked further into behavioural insight, to understand where, when and how potential customers were consuming media and how they interacted online.

This then helped to form our marketing strategy and ensured we could target the right customers with a high propensity to convert.

Additional considerations

We faced a number of problems – the uncertainty of seasonality throughout the pandemic, a hyper-competitive market, negative sentiment regarding administration, and an out of date website offering that was no longer fit for purpose.

The issue of ever-changing travel restrictions also posed problems along the way, forcing us to continually adapt our strategy and approach.

Our solution

We introduced Digital Strategy and SEO, with the aim to reduce the site’s footprint to match the new and more focused proposition.

The work carried out included setting up redirects, removing internal links, and generally ‘shrinking’ the website. Once these initial changes were implemented, we then shifted our focus to PPC, to start driving volume and bookings with the aim to further invest in SEO at a later date, post year one. Later down the line we added Paid Social into the marketing mix to increase brand awareness and bolster the top of the funnel leads.

The impact

Despite the challenges faced from a business and market point of view, and the on-going pandemic, we heavily contributed to the success of the new business proposition, when VIP SKI were at an all-time low, having had to start their business from scratch.

Although results and stats are incomparable, due to the change in service offering, our Digital Strategy contributed to 18% of the overall business revenue, in a six month period.

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The enthusiasm for the brand is clear, and I feel extremely well supported. It just feels like my marketing team has grown by four members. I’m thrilled with the campaign performance so far, and I know moving forward we will be able to optimise even further for greater success. I would have no hesitation in recommending CreativeRace.

Nici Hardy Marketing Manager, VIP SKI