Bringing a real casino experience to life online

The commercial problem

In the highly competitive world of online gambling, William Hill wanted to re-launch their live casino offering and make it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

William Hill William Hill Vegas logo
croupier - blackjack table - close up of roulette wheel

The human problem

As exciting and as popular as online gambling is, there is very little to differentiate individual brands.

Our insight

Customers value the excitement, glamour and experience of an real casino.

Our solution

By designing every element, from cards to croupier uniforms on a filmset in Latvia, we created an authenticity that William Hill customers embraced.

CreativeRace has played an integral role in developing our new, state-of-the art Live Casino studio concepts and ensuring they have been built to the highest possible standard. They have also captured an outstanding bank of photography that has shaped new brand guidelines designed to bring our unique proposition to life. The end result is a first-class casino experience for our customers above and beyond anything else available in the marketplace.

James Tabberer Marketing Manager, WIliam Hill