Helping a new housing company build its own brand.

The commercial problem

Two large housing associations were looking to merge, Coast & Country Homes and Yorkshire Coast Homes, and needed an identity for their new organisation.

beyond housing
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The human problem

Long established and fiercely proud they wanted a new brand that would unite their many employees, and show their clients their depth of services.

Our insight

In times of change, people like to feel part of the process, and are far more likely to support a brand they helped create.

Our solution

Employees from all parts of the two organisations were invited to a two-day workshop.

Here, we encouraged debate, generated ideas and ultimately developed a new brand that everyone felt a sense of ownership towards.

multiple examples of beyond housing marketing assets

I cannot praise CreativeRace highly enough. To guide us from as standing start to full application of an exciting new brand in less than three months was nothing short of incredible.

Tom Hainey Executive Director, Property & Development, Beyond Housing