creativerace x crown

Strategic store redesign for Crown

Bringing Crown into the competitive consumer retail market.

Crown had the ambition to create a consumer retail offer in a market dominated by huge DIY stores driven by price. They needed to find a unique proposition for a retail concept that would give them a reason to try something different.

creativerace x crown decorating centres

Our approach

We combined research into the category experience including semiotics with a thorough understanding of the shopper journey. We quickly identified that as people seek to express themselves more through home decoration, the gap between the vision and the reality is widening. Crown is the brand best positioned to close that gap through its expertise and personal touch.

Using in depth consumer research and YouGov audience profiling, we created a concept that delivered the core principles of a simple shopper experience with endless opportunities for advice and expression. Features of the store include an inspiration zone, mixing bar and a central ‘hub’ creating space for exploration, advice and interaction.

The impact

The trial store was successfully launched and there are plans to roll it out further.

Our new St Helens retail concept store represents one of our proudest achievements as a team, developed in conjunction with our partners at CreativeRace! We are delighted with the response since we opened. For our customers we have designed a new store based upon the customer’s journey and making paint personal to you and your well-being, with the best of Crown paints available.

Naiem Wafa CDC, Network Director