Performing when it really counts – at the moment of purchase.

Packaging design carries a huge responsibility for delivering on the formula for brand growth.

Your packaging could be the only part of your brand that your audience sees, so its importance is paramount. We’ll take a strategic approach to your packaging design, getting under the skin of your audience and truly understanding how they shop.

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Packaging design has some big challenges to overcome before it can achieve the goal of a product being placed in a shopper’s basket.

Working with a strategy-first agency with a vast experience in packaging can help your brand stand out from a sea of competitors.

There are three golden principles for creating impactful packaging design:

  1. Be distinctive: Brilliant packaging is led by a brand’s distinctive assets, which instantly signal the brand and mean there is no room for confusion with competitors.​
  2. Be cohesive: Packaging design must ​
    create cohesion across ​the range of a brand’s products, and with all other touch points. ​
  3. Be relevant: Effective packaging delivers the right balance of visual category cues and individual product identity while avoiding blending or being disjointed.​
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We create stand out packaging design for some of the biggest brands around.​

We work with brands ​on every aspect of their marketing. From defining opportunities for new products, to converting shoppers into buyers at ​the point of purchase.​

This means we have a truly end-to-end understanding of the consumer and shopper journey and our team of packaging experts know what it takes to create design that makes an impact.​

Once our strategists have delved into your brand, our design team will build on the packaging strategy and rich insights generated, blending it with their creative flair, and technical expertise to create a considered design solution​.

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The physical experience of your product begins with packaging... First impressions really matter.