5 content types to help you stand out on LinkedIn

Whether you’re active on LinkedIn for B2B, B2C, or individual use, it is possibly one of the trickier social media platforms to navigate. On other popular social media platforms, we are typically used to following or liking our friends’ pages. LinkedIn, however, gives us the opportunity to connect, and have conversations with, new people that we may not have had the chance to network with otherwise.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform if you wish to gain exposure, whether you’re a business, a brand, or an individual. It also gives you the chance to get across your knowledge, skill, and expertise in a human, personality-driven way.

Here are my top 5 LinkedIn content suggestions so you can best utilise the platform.

Success stories

Aspirational success stories are infectious on LinkedIn. We want to see positivity on our social media timelines, which drives our own motivation and rids our feed of negativity. They make us wonder what our own lives could be like and encourages other users to share their good practices too.

Success stories don’t always have to relate to your chosen profession either; you might have achieved something, or faced a challenge, in your personal life that reflects who you are and creates an emotional hook for the reader.

LinkedIn actively encourages a space where you can share your achievements and be proud of yourself with generous support from your connections.

15 months ago I was unemployed, crying on my sofa and unable to pay bills. Today I start my newest freelance project with a dream brand that’s been on my bucket list forever💡 And wow I WISH for nothing more right now than the ability to travel back to past Sophie and tell her just what she’d be up to a year and a bit later. But, I can’t. Because time travel doesn’t exist. (or does it? 👀) But what I can do is tell you that it DOES get better, that you CAN do it and you WILL come out the other side of whatever life’s been throwing at you recently. If 2022 hasn’t had the start you’ve expected - keep going, take the new days as they come and never forget that even your worst days only last 24 hours 💖⚡️

Failures and learnings

Although we love a good success story, not everything is always sunshine and roses. Sharing our ‘failures’ and ‘mistakes’ is also a great way to engage with people on LinkedIn. Acknowledging that you’re human and not everything always goes to plan, relates to the everyman.

Social media is often criticised for being ‘fake’, so why not subvert this and use social to be real? Showing users that you’ve learnt from these ‘mistakes’ also demonstrates your ability to adapt, grow, and acknowledge your imperfections. It makes you human.

I have a confession to make. When I first started managing social media pages in my old company, I never used to report or track anything. I know right?! 🤯⚠️ How could I possibly alter my strategy if I had no metrics to go by? It was a life-changing discovery I made once I started to learn more about marketing by attending masterclasses. Fast-forward to today, I have spreadsheets for EVERYTHING, I track all metrics on a weekly basis and I'm constantly learning about the algorithm. I certainly haven't learned everything and my knowledge will keep expanding over time as I take more classes, research into topics and keep up to date with the latest Girls in Marketing webinars! 🧡 If you aren't already, track 👏 your 👏 metrics! 👏 It will save you time in the long run. #reporting #metrics #marketingmetrics

Start a discussion

What better way to engage with people in your field than by creating a talking point? Highlight or add your opinion to a trending topic, discuss something relevant and important to you, and drive engagement through CTAs such as polls and questions.

LinkedIn provides a platform for users to talk openly and honestly about their opinions, debate with other interested users, and hold healthy conversations that focus on problem solving and respectful communication.

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If you’re struggling to drive traffic to your website via LinkedIn, blogs are a great place to start. Consistent, engaging, and well-written blog posts position you as a credible and knowledgeable source that users can come to rely on for insightful information.

Don’t, however, churn out blogs for the sake of it. No one wants to click through to your website if your blog doesn’t have anything of interest to say or any value to offer. Keep your blogs niche, with original and well-researched points of discussion.

Tips and advice

A large percentage of users begin their LinkedIn journey in the hopes of gaining new experiences, new skills, and broadening their professional network. Offering helpful tips and pieces of advice can drive engagement massively.

Positioning yourself as someone who understands the problems of users within your field, and offering a solution, garners a positive reputation and keeps users coming back to your page for more.

About the author:

Millie McKenzie is the Social Media Manager at CreativeRace, heading up our organic social media function. Millie’s background is primarily in food & drink marketing, working with clients such as SKIPPY Peanut Butter, Leeds-based Mighty Drinks, and Very Lazy. Millie also runs a personal food-blog with over 10K followers.