Giving the dog food brand natural stand-out

The commercial challenge

Harringtons is uniquely positioned in the market as a natural and affordable premium dry dog food. But the company was struggling to gain awareness over bigger brands with bigger budgets.

harringtons the natural choice
man in a field with two dogs - harringtons 'the natural choice'

The human problem

Dog owners needed a reason to choose Harringtons over major brands they knew and trusted.

Our insight

The family shop is becoming ever more health conscious. As dogs are seen as part of the family, their owners want what’s best for them too.

Our Solution

We created a TV and online campaign that championed the product’s natural qualities. This included sponsorship of Channel 5’s ‘The Yorkshire Vet’ and ‘Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild’ – bringing the proposition to life in a compelling and relatable way for dog owners.

The impact

Harringtons became the UK’s top-performing dry dog food.

In 26 weeks, sales rose by 40% in both volume and value, with key retailers reporting an increase of over 100%.

Due to its success, the campaign was subsequently run by the brand’s Norwegian arm.