How we captured the unique partnership between the V&A and Sofa Workshop on social media.

Client - Sofa Workshop
Scope - Content Creation, Concept, Film


They do so love going to galleries and museums for inspiration.

In fact, Sofa Workshop has now made it official.

Teaming up with the world-renowned V&A to create a range of patterned sofas that are literally works of art.

And to promote this unique collaboration they asked us to create a series of online films.

So we brainstormed, storyboarded and shot.

Interviewing designers, archivists, and craftsmen.

Capturing their unique talents.

We then carefully stitched together a series of dynamic content pieces for use on Instagram and Pinterest.

Preserving this highly creative partnership.

A first for both Sofa Workshop and the V&A.

Though we like to think it could be the start of a pattern.

Thank you so much for sharing the latest - it's actually just made me cry (happily/a tiny bit... and I've not even had any wine) because it so beautifully articulates the journey and work that's gone into the pieces. I think you guys have done a cracking job.

Megan Holloway, Marketing Manager
Sofa Workshop