Getting the best results from the right social media stars

Influencers, content creators, bloggers, ambassadors – we understand that the partners we choose to work with to endorse and recommend our clients’ brands are all individual and all work in different ways – but what they all want is creative freedom over the channels they run.

By having a more strategic approach to why and how we work with influencers and giving them the creative freedom they crave, we know they’ll create content that delivers the best possible results and ensures long lasting mutually beneficial relationships.

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Influencer strategy & identification

We use a mix of influencer tools, relationships and desk research to develop the right influencer strategy, identifying the best partners to deliver the campaign objective.

Macro influencer partnerships

It starts with identifying and securing the best macro influencer/s to partner with, before working closely with them to create a credible and authentic campaign partnership that works for them and for the brand. We manage all elements of the relationship, from the first approach and budget negotiation to contract development and agreement, through content creation approvals to campaign evaluation and wrap up.

Influencer content creation

We believe to deliver the best results from an influencer campaign, it’s important to balance the needs of the client against the creative freedom of the influencer as the content creator. By trusting our chosen influencers to develop engaging campaign content on behalf of the brand, we achieve the perfect balance.

Micro influencer management

If a micro influencer campaign is the right route to take, we manage the whole process, from identifying the best platform, through to creating watertight briefs and overseeing and evaluating the resulting influencer content.

Influencer Marketing manifesto

If you’ve never considered influencers as part of your marketing efforts, it’s time to make a change. Influencers can yield levels of engagement, reach, and brand awareness that your brand may not have seen before. By carefully selecting your influencer partnerships, and ensuring you nurture a transparent and healthy relationship, you can quickly see your campaigns deliver hard-hitting results.

The title ‘influencer’ can often conjure up images of fashion or beauty Instagram bloggers. The simple truth is, influencing can be done by anyone as long as there’s an audience for it. Influencing isn’t restricted to any one platform either; what works on TikTok may not work on Instagram. That’s where we come in. We manage influencer partnerships from the initial outreach all the way through to briefing, contracts, content approval and performance results.

Platforms such as Tribe and Social Blade aid us in finding the perfect partnerships, whatever the campaign. Whether a one-off piece of promo, or an ambassador partnership with longevity, we can discover the right influencers for you.

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Amy Airey

Amy Airey is CreativeRace’s Communications Director. Amy has extensive experience in communications and PR, working on big name brands such as British Military Fitness, Morphy Richards, Landsec, Barratt Developments, Yorkshire Water and Thomas Cook.

By trusting our chosen influencers to develop engaging campaign content on behalf of the brand, we achieve the perfect balance.