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Why should I use PPC advertising?

PPC allows you to drive high quality traffic to your website, by bidding on keywords that are relevant to the product/service you offer. The aim of PPC is to make sure you are visible in the SERPs, at every point in a users search funnel, from the awareness to purchase stage. PPC is suitable for the majority of businesses, whether your goals are sales/revenue or lead gen based.

The initial set up and any on-going changes you make are instant, and it is fairly quick and easy to rank in the search results with little to no on-site changes required.

Two key benefits of PPC are control and transparency:


  • Control over the keywords you show your adverts for
  • Control over the amount of budget you spend
  • Control over the messaging in your adverts


  • How many people have seen your adverts
  • How many people have clicked on your adverts
  • How many conversions your adverts have generated
  • How much you’ve paid per click and conversion

The data provided in the Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms are near enough in real time, so you have up to date and easy access to measure your performance.

Not only is PPC a strong channel when used alone, it also works very well alongside other marketing channels, creating a halo effect for your brand. The data and learnings you gather from doing PPC, can then be used to inform other marketing channels, as well as your wider business.

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