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Why is digital PR important?

You may ask, why does my brand need digital PR if people already know who we are? Digital PR is far more than driving awareness of your brand. It’s an ongoing strategy that must be always-on for your brand to remain competitive in the online space.

Digital PR increases online visibility

A combination of high-end media coverage, high authority links, and quality, authentic, and relevant content on site, is exactly the kind of thing that tell Google your site is of real value. Digital PR is great for driving those EAT signals (expertise, authority, and trust) that boost your online visibility and rankings for key phrases that drive conversions. With more and more brands using digital PR as part of their SEO strategy, it’s imperative that brands consider digital PR to meet and surpass competitor practices.

Digital PR maximises content marketing activity

Digital PR isn’t just about press release, it should consider the messaging of content marketing across all your channels. When digital PR is woven throughout your performance strategy, you can effectively make your content work infinitely harder, maximising the digital value out of every piece.

Digital PR builds trust and credibility

Digital PR gets your brand in right places at the right time, talking about authentic stories that really engage your audience. Appearing in authoritative publishers will build trust and credibility whilst boosting awareness of your brand. It’s not a one-time thing. The digital sphere is in constant flux and the sentiment and presence of a brand one day can be gone the next. Once trust and credibility is established, it needs to be maintained in line with your brand messaging.

Digital PR can drive any metric

Because it is channel agnostic, digital PR has the ability to influence metrics at any stage of the conversion funnel. Whether you want to drive brand awareness, improve organic visibility, or increase conversions, digital PR can be leveraged to move the needle where you want it. With an infinite mix of tactics and content types at its disposal, digital PR is the secret sauce that drives digital performance.

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