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What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a group of over two million websites, apps and videos where your PPC ads can appear. While search ads show when you type a query into Google, the Google Display Network offers you an opportunity to get in front of people based on certain targeting criteria.

How can I target people on the Google Display Network?

  • Demographics: You can build an audience based on Age, Gender and Parental status.
  • Affinity: Includes up to 80 different groups which are based on interests or hobbies ie., Home and Garden
  • In-market and life events: Find people who are actively looking for the products or services you sell or are in a life event stage you’d be interested in targeting such as moving house.
  • 1st party data: Your data, and how they’ve interacted with your business
  • Keywords: Using terms related to your business will help find relevant sites to appear on
  • Topics: Websites, apps or videos about a certain topic e.g., Food and Drink
  • Placements: Specific websites or apps you’d like to appear on

You can combine different targeting parameters together to have a more targeted audience such as demographics with affinity. You can also use any of the targeting parameters to have exclusions too – for example, if you only want to reach 18-34 years, you can exclude the other ages.

Watch out: The more layers of targeting applied; the fewer people will see your ads. We recommended testing different combinations to see which has the best impact on your business.

Why use GDN?

The GDN can gives you the opportunity to reach a larger or completely new audience than just through search. It can increase awareness of the products or services your business sells.

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