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What if my brand doesn’t have a USP?

Having a product or an element of what makes up your brand that is unique is a great thing to have. A Unique Selling Point could come from a physical product, a service, or the way you do business. However, many very successful brands do not have a USP, or if they do have something unique it’s not a meaningful point of difference in the mind of their audience and customers.

What is the meaningful difference between Tesco and Sainsbury’s? There are very small differences in range and people may feel that one is better quality than the other but there isn’t one big thing you can pin down as those brand’s USPs. Think about Audi and BMW. HSBC and NatWest. Ariel and Persil.
What really matters in creating a brand that stands out and generates profit in the longer term is:

1. Having a reliably good quality product or service that satisfies a consumer need

If your product lets people down or doesn’t meet expectations, they won’t come back. It doesn’t have to be the best though, unless you know your audience is particularly discerning. 90% of people are looking ‘good enough’ not perfect.

2. Being instantly recognisable

Your brand needs to stand out from the competition and unmistakable to recognise that your marketing communication builds strong memories around your brand in the mind of your audience and is the first thing they spot when it comes to the moment of purchase

3. Being relevant to as many occasions or moments in your audience’s life as possible

If your brand is only relevant to one occasion a year, then that is the only time your audience will think about buying it. The more moments you can make your brand relevant to in the mind of your audience then the more likely they are to think of it and then buy it.

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