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What are the benefits of paid social media marketing?

You only need to look at the statics around social media to start to understand its benefits. Globally the number of users has increased 10.1% YoY with an estimated 4.62 billion users in January 2022. [Source: Hootsuite Global State of Digital, 2022]

Social media is where you audience are spending their time online and to be able to connect and reach, them your brand must be present here.

But below we’ve listed what we consider the key benefits to paid social.

1. Reach a new audience

With the vast data and targeting capabilities, paid social allows businesses to reach new audiences at scale. Usually, no matter who you want to reach there is a targeting capability to reach those users. It allows you the opportunity to get in front of people that might not know you as a brand but ned the product or service you offer.

2. Build relationships

Social media allows brands to be more humanised and build relationship and have conversations/connections with customers, it’s one of the only mediums where you can have a direct conversation with customers and truly engage and listen and build a relationship as a brand.

3. Increase brand awareness, positive brand sentiment and brand loyalty

This is especially prevalent for SMEs who don’t have huge media budgets but applies to all brands. If your content appears in people’s newsfeed and stories regularly enough, brand recognition will increase.

4. CRM/Data custom audiences

Paid social isn’t just prospecting and reaching new audiences either, you can upload data from your CRM system and build an audience using this data. This allows for a more personalised approach to the creative.

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