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How to track the performance of influencer marketing

Influencer measurement is always a topic of debate. Ideally you want to be able to demonstrate more than just the reach of a post when reviewing the success of your influencer activity.

Here are a few tips to make your collab as measurable as possible:

    • Set objectives – why are you working with an influencer? What exactly is it that you’re looking to achieve?
    • Define you audience – who are they? What are they interested in? What themes will resonate with them? Does your chosen influencer align with these asks?
    • Once you’ve found an influencer to collaborate with, set KPIs up front (they may not want to commit to setting KPIs because of changing algorithms, fluctuations in their audiences etc.) but you can ask them to share post insights from recent brand partnerships/activations, so you have a general understanding of how their content performs. From this you can set KPIs that you can report against internally.
    • Think about the type of content you’re briefing in – is it measurable? If you want to evaluate impact, think about how you can simply and easily show direct correlations in web traffic, for example, or offer redemptions. Can you focus on stories with link stickers, or exclusive discount codes for followers of your influencer? The more tangible you can make your content the better – but listen to recommendations from your influencer too because ultimately, they know the content types their audience engages with most.
    • Make sure you have a contract in place clearly setting out the brief, deliverables, timescales and a posting schedule – so there are no uncertainties on either side (a side note on timings: always build time in for content approval – you’d be surprised at how much back and forth there can be, especially if you need approval from other stakeholders!).

We’re just scratching the surface but hopefully this will help you on your path to influencer enlightenment and understand the different ways to engage your audiences.

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