How to set up GA4

How to set up GA4 if you don’t already have an account

If you do not already have a Google Analytics (GA) account, the first step will be to create a new GA account from Google’s Marketing Platform. You will then be prompted to give the account a name (we suggest using your organisation’s name) and select the account’s data sharing settings.

Continue to the next step to create a Google Analytics 4 property. At this point you will name the property (we suggest using your website domain), select the reporting time zone and currency to be used. At the next step you will be asked to select your industry category and business size, before creating the account by accepting Google’s Analytics Terms of Service and Terms of Data Processing.

Once the account has been created, you will need to add a data stream.

setting up ga4

For Android or iOS app, to register you will need to provide the iOS bundle ID or Android package name, the app name, and for iOS, the App Store ID. You will then need to follow the instructions to download the config file for your app and add the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK. Once the SDK has been installed, run your app to verify communication with Google servers, then click Finish.

For Web, you will need to add the URL of your website and name the data stream. You will then be able to choose to enable enhanced measurement (automatic collection of pageviews and other events – recommended). Then click Create stream.

The final step will be to add the Analytics tag to your web pages. Depending on your website set up, the tag can be added:

  • Directly to your web pages
  • To a tag management platform (such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium, etc.)
  • To a website builder or CMS-hosted website (such as WordPress, Shopify, etc.)
  • By providing your “G-“ ID (for platforms that accept a “G-“ ID)

How to set up GA4 if you already have a Universal Analytics property

If you already have a Universal Analytics (UA) property, you can use the GA4 set up wizard. To set up the new property you will need admin access, once logged into your account navigate to Admin > Property > GA4 Setup Assistant and follow the instructions.

For detailed guidance on following the set up wizard please see our step by step blog: How to set up a GA4 property alongside your existing UA property.

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