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How do I create a custom audience?

Custom audiences can be incredibly powerful for your paid social campaign. Here’s how to set them up.

How to set up custom audiences

    1. Go to Business Manager
    2. In the left-hand column select audiences
    3. Then select create audience.You’ll have a choice here to create either:
      Custom audience – create a user using various different data points (website data, crm data, offline data, Facebook or Instagram accounts, insta experiences)
      Lookalikes – create an audience which has similar attributes to any custom audience you’ve created (tip: you’ll need to have created a custom audience first!)
    4. Select custom audience and chose the data point and then continue through to define how you wish the audience to look.

Here are some examples of custom audiences

      • People who spent longer than 3 minutes onsite
      • People who added to cart but didn’t complete
      • People who bought products over a certain value
      • People who downloaded a white paper on site
      • People who have engaged or watched a prospecting video but have visited the website
      • People who have downloaded but not opened your app
      • Customers who haven’t bought from you in X number of months

How to create lookalike audiences

To create lookalikes, you follow steps 1-3 but instead select the lookalike option:

    1. Select the data source you wish to create the lookalike from
    2. Select the audience location
    3. Select the audience size. You have the option of a scale from 1-10, with 1 being the most similar. The more percentage you increase, the bigger the size of the audience but the broader it becomes. We recommend testing, but on average we see the most success between 1-3%.
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