the manifest top pr companies

The Manifest names CreativeRace among most-reviewed PR agencies

We’re pleased to share that The Manifest has recognised us as one of the most reviewed global public relations companies for 2022.

the manifest most reviewed pr companies

For context, The Manifest is a business news and how-to website that ranks marketing industry leaders worldwide and aims to help global buyers find the right service provider to partner with on their new projects.

When you’ve been in the business of marketing since 1978 and have supported clients of every size, and from every sector, you gain a profound understanding of what they value. That’s why we can measure many of our client partnerships in decades rather than years.

Clothing manufacturer Banana Moon hired us in April 2021 for digital marketing and PR services. The ongoing engagement involves SEO, PPC, and Digital PR. In addition, we also handle paid social to support their social media activity.

“Results have been very positive, and we’ve seen success across all services that we work together on. The anxiety hoodie campaign specifically was a perfect blend of something which fits our company values and harnessed our creativity and expertise.” – Alex Grace, Managing Director, Banana Moon Clothing

This year marks a new accomplishment for CreativeRace. According to The Manifest, we are among the best and most reviewed global public relations companies. The Most Reviewed Company Award on The Manifest features the top 15 companies on each listing page that have received the most number of new reviews in the past 12 months.

We’re not here to add to the noise or just create pretty pictures. Our work is meaningful and purposeful and truly changes customer behaviour to your commercial advantage. Are you interested in working with us? Get in touch to find out more.