woman in supermarket aisle

In-depth analysis: connecting with consumers in the post-lockdown world

As we move out of lockdown people’s lives and their shopping behaviour are changing, and at pace. 

To survive, businesses and brands must react to these changes. To thrive, they must also anticipate how their audience will think, feel and behave; and rapidly evolve their strategy to meet these emerging needs. 

Increasingly, we’re seeing that shopper’s attitudes and behaviour are diverging to levels we haven’t previously experienced. What used to be a normal activity for someone may now feel risky, or simply has stopped being part of their daily routine. 

That leaves marketers with a dilemma. If you don’t know who your brand audience has now become, how can you ever plan to win? 

By combining wide-ranging desk research and in-depth analysis of YouGov Profiles data, we’ve identified 6 distinct segments within the UK population that reveal their likely attitudes and behaviour post-lockdown. 

Download the full report here to learn more about these new audiences and gain insight into how your brand can best serve their rapidly shifting lives.

connecting with consumers in the post lockdown world