Introducing CreativeSpace – our new webinar & podcast series

CreativeRace has launched a ground-breaking webinar & podcast series aimed at brands and marketers.

“CreativeSpace” will showcase some of the most provocative and exciting industry developments and trends of the moment; giving marketers an invaluable insight into what the coming months will bring.

creativespace webinar

Headed up by Strategy Director Victoria Aspinall, the series will take the form of intimate fireside chats, with no fixed agenda or schedule – just a chance to learn what every marketer needs to know, and how it’ll impact buying behaviour.

Aspinall commented: “We’re really excited to bring CreativeSpace to life – our new forum for sharing distilled, interesting insights and engaging in dialogue around the biggest issues affecting our sector and clients today.

“As a strategy-first agency, we’re well versed in hunting high and low for the latest trends, insights and nuggets that will move the needle for our clients.

“With a strong retail-based client list, and in turn quick turnarounds and short timeframes, it’s hard to find relevant and timely trends in a concise format (and not just those predictions set at the start of the year!). We wanted to change that.”

There’ll be time for questions, healthy debate, and we’ll also throw in our top recommendations on great books, podcasts and talks to help inspire, delight and intrigue you. Sound like a plan?

The first event is set to take place on Wednesday November 2nd at 10am. Sign up for free here.