Create space

It was only a month ago that we were in a very different world and social distancing wasn’t the buzzword it is today. We never discussed our personal toilet roll stocks or lack thereof with friends and seeing loved ones was done without a second thought.

Like everyone else across the world, we’ve flexed and reacted to the ‘Stay Home’ message from the government and World Health Organisation. We held a trial work from home day and stress-tested the system extensively, with a 40% increase of reactive and unplanned briefs landing that on our test day alone. With every deadline met, we’ve pivoted to this now being the norm.

Working together by staying apart has never been more important. The past week has already shown how strong the CreativeRace team is, checking in on one another, rising up to meet fresh challenges, tackling briefs and delivering work while balancing home life.

More than ever before, we’re here for each other and our clients even if it means that it’s via Zoom, Slack and phone calls.

The world has changed and so have we. It’s business as unusual. So for now, and temporarily, we’re calling ourselves CreateSpace, not officially, but more in solidarity with everyone else who is staying home.

Join us in saluting all the NHS workers, the supermarkets and essential workers who are helping us to live our lives as normally as possible in these strange times and thank you to everyone who is creating space by staying home and social distancing.