How we became the voice of the Honey Monster on social.

Client - Honey Monster
Scope - Concept, Social, Design

Classic TV
advertising icons.

How do you bring them to life for today’s social-savvy audiences?

For Honey Monster, we made him the hero of his own feed.

Switching the language to first person.

And redefining him as a fun influencer, albeit a 400-pound hairy one.

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. The feedback has been incredible, with banter coming from Eammon Holmes and other celebs.

Not to mention an audience engagement rate of 5%.

Well above the industry average.

Definitely a monster hit.

CreativeRace have really helped the Honey Monster grab hold of his social media accounts and we are so excited to see where they help him go next. They have been a vital part of making our brand on social become braver and more reactive, allowing Honey Monster to spread his monstrous brand of cheeky humour through the medium of social media!

Beverley Campbell, Brand Manager
Honey Monster