Raising the standard.

The commercial challenge

For a number of years the teaching standards within the Leeds city region were considered below par.

In 2021, following a competitive tender, The GORSE Academies Trust was chosen by the Department of Education to run the Leeds Teaching School Hub. They needed to rebuild trust and restore the reputation of education within the city.


leeds teaching school hub

The human problem

Changing perceptions takes time and genuine action. GORSE had already gained an excellent name in the educational sector and wanted to communicate their values and what they would bring to the Hub and the 250 schools in their care. As their chosen marketing partner CreativeRace had to ensure their new approach and ethos were communicated in the most impactful and direct way.

Our insight

There is a tendency for all educational marketing to look the same. We had to ensure that the Trust stood out amongst a sea of sameness and looked progressive and modern. We really wanted to evoke the notion of GORSE leading the way in the quality of education going forwards.

schoolgirl raising her hand

Our approach

Our first task was to develop a distinctive brand that captured the drive, energy and enthusiasm that the Leeds Teaching School Hub would bring to the sector, and we had to do it in a tight turnaround schedule to start addressing the negative perceptions as soon as possible.

Our solution

Within an eight-week timeframe we created a striking brand identity that was rolled out across printed collateral, social, web designs and digital animations and brand guidelines, all ready for a strict launch date of September 2021.

The results

This rebranding project was hailed internally at The GORSE Academies Trust as their most effective piece of branding work yet, and reinvigorated the desire to rebrand other academies and areas of business within the Trust itself.