Raising the profile of employment law

Irwin Mitchell is a multi-award-winning law firm that has provided expert legal services for decades. Looking to grow its online presence, Irwin Mitchell needed a comprehensive digital PR campaign to achieve greater visibility with tangible results. 

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The challenge

The key objective was to create Digital PR campaigns that would increase online coverage in business and consumer publications. The goal was to build a minimum of 15 high-quality links to relevant employment law pages. 

As Irwin Mitchell operates in a highly regulated industry with multiple stakeholders, it was important to integrate with internal PR teams to ensure effective collaboration and maximise results.  


Our Interpretation & Insight

We identified that evergreen content would be the most effective approach as it would retain its value, serving as a resource for newsjacking and natural link-building over a long period of time.  

Creating content in a regulated industry, we needed to avoid sensationalist headlines and keep stories rooted in data, so we opted to run a survey of 2000+ in leadership positions to get real views and insight. 

The Strategy

As our objective was to obtain coverage surrounding employment law, we identified a refined target audience: 

  1. Individuals with employment claims 
  1. Decision-makers in businesses with responsibility for employment law claims.  

To develop an efficient strategy to reach these audiences, we approached business, national, and HR publications. We also curated media lists, identifying key publications using Roxhill and manual searches. 

We devised a comprehensive three-strand strategy for the campaign over the year. Each strand addressed workplace issues that impacted the nation: “Quiet Firing,” “Banter vs. Bullying in the Workplace,” and an employer guide for handling transgender issues in the workplace. 

The Activity

In our trans rights campaign, we worked with Irwin Mitchell’s teams to create an employer guide addressing sensitive trans issues, aligning them with Irwin Mitchell’s expertise. It focused on legal obligations, avoiding moral debates. We also outreached podcasts on trans treatment in the workplace with relevant diversity publications.

The “quiet firing” campaign idea emerged from our exploration of “quiet quitting.” We shifted our focus to “quiet firing” to provide unique insights on the topic and a new angle to a heavily debated topic.

“Banter vs. Bullying” had been overused in the media, so we targeted specific sectors like hospitality and sports and combined statistics with industry-specific data for a compelling angle.

To ensure we built high-quality links and coverage, we focused primarily on targeting top-tier publications and maintained close coordination with Irwin Mitchell’s internal PR team to avoid duplication. 

The Results

Our employment law campaign has 95 pieces of coverage (60 including links) to date, publications include:  

International Business Times – Yahoo! News – The Retail Bulletin – Global Recruiter – The Week – Startups Magazine – Sports Insight – The Accountant – London Loves Business – SME Today – The Express 

We also secured natural coverage, going on to feature in Psychological Safety, Yahoo! Finance and HR Grapevine, and in related employment law stories including from Metro.  

Organic ranking performance of the employment section of the website has increased by 11%, whilst website sessions to the employment section are also up 3.2% YoY since the launch of the guide. 

Working with Irwin Mitchell is not straightforward! We have complex sign-off processes and large internal teams which, coupled with the highly regulated legal industry, means things never move quickly. CreativeRace has developed an amazing understanding of our business. They have worked hard to build up trust with our PR team, allowing us the freedom to deliver great digital PR campaigns.

CreativeRace are in effect my SEO team, I trust them to provide expert advice and support the growth of our business

Matthew Jackson SEO Manager - Irwin Mitchell

The Award Nomination

Achieving exactly what we set out to achieve, our carefully crafted campaign earned us a nomination for Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign at the UK Search Awards 2023. 

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