A perfect fit for organic social

The commercial challenge

As a B2B and B2C personalised clothing retailer, Banana Moon falls into a number of camps and appeals to a range of audiences.

This ambiguity in the target audience was clear across Banana Moon’s social channels, which were being used generically, rather than strategically.

Banana Moon banana moon logo

The human problem

The company was looking for insight into its different audiences. By understanding the target market and how they use social, Banana Moon hoped to reach, engage and convert such groups into loyal brand advocates.

Our insight

Banana Moon needed to justify its place in their audiences’ social feeds. We knew they couldn’t just talk product; they had to join in the conversations that people cared about. Due to the company’s ethos and brand values, we knew they had the right to highlight such issues as sustainability, manufacturing and innovation.

banana moon instagram grid

Our approach

It was this understanding that was fundamental to our organic social media approach. Our key platform was LinkedIn to target our B2B content, with a secondary presence across Instagram and Facebook. We defined clear content pillars, each one based on values that aligned with Banana Moon and its core audiences.

Monthly content plans with strategic hashtags and social copy were written to reflect brand personality. We updated content styles to include such platforms as Reels with an emphasis on imagery and design. And we compiled monthly reports so we could take any key learnings forward.

The results

By any measure, the results have been impressive. By comparing cross-network social KPIs from before and after we took over the account, we can see:

  • Impressions have risen 654.1%
  • Engagements have risen 452.1%
  • Total Net Audience Growth has risen 425%
  • Video Views have risen 1,666.7%
  • Content Published has risen 466.7%