Easing the growing work anxiety epidemic

Banana Moon wanted to appeal to its largely B2B, office-based audience, whilst achieving links and coverage from a broader range of publishers that were currently linking to its domain.

banana moon anxiety relief hoodie
banana moon anxiety relief hoodie

The human problem

With UK searches for “work anxiety” up 21% year on year (Google Trends) and 54% of the UK population admitting they often experience anxiety about life (YouGov), Banana Moon was keen to help office workers deal with the growing anxiety epidemic.

Our insight

With Mental Health Awareness week in May and ongoing discussions around post-Covid hybrid-working anxiety, we wanted Banana Moon to be at the forefront of a conversation that would interest this target audience. As a result, we launched a Digital PR campaign in alignment with this, directing our outreach to publishers where potential business customers would be active online.


Our approach

To appeal to the target audience, we would need to create an innovative product that genuinely helped with the topical issue of anxiety and had “watercooler appeal”. We endeavoured to create a real product for sale that would provide genuine relief rather than a gimmick.

We collaborated with the client to create the world’s first anxiety relief hoodie that was designed to provide proven relief from common anxiety symptoms.

The initial hoodie design was based on research and advice from anxiety experts, backed up by scientific studies. Weighted pockets were used as they’d been proven to reduce heart rate and rapid breathing. A breathing loop was embroidered as it had been proven to help decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

banana moon axiety relief hoodie

Hoodie features

•Weighted pockets
•Fidget accessory
•Tactile bubble textured sleeves
•Block print breathing loop patch
•Chewable toggles
•Motivational quote
•Calming colours
•Eco-Friendly design

Extensive market research was completed to ensure the hoodie surpassed any existing anxiety relief product on the market. It offered more features at a lower cost than any other product.

The features of the hoodie were tested to see if they lowered blood pressure and heart rate of office workers. Even though we were already using scientifically proven techniques, having original data helped put claims to test and give journalists confidence in the authenticity of the product.

The results

•56+ coverage and links
•Average DA 63
•Coverage on Daily Star, Country Living, MSN, Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, Bristol Post
•2.29M estimated views
•290M audience
•1.03K social engagements
•111 clicks
•310 impressions
•Increase in enquiries
•27% increase in keywords ranking position 1-3

We exceeded our estimated link target by 440%. We achieved this by not focusing too heavily on link numbers but focusing on quality and relevance. Selecting catalyst publishers that boosted the reach of our campaign also helped generate early pick up from other authoritative sites.

banana moon anxiety relief hoodie

The campaign was a perfect blend of something which fits our company values and harnessed our creativity and expertise. CreativeRace conceived this impactful project for our talented team of apprentices to make a truly unique industry product, and the end result is absolutely fantastic. The interest in this product line has been astounding, and it's been amazing to see how much reach the campaign has secured.

Alex Grace Managing Director, Banana Moon