Changing the way we shop

The commercial challenge

Convenient and contactless, self scanners have been available for several years among leading grocery retailers.

However, from a strategic perspective, Asda felt the time was right to significantly increase the uptake in their stores, primarily by encouraging customers to download their Scan & Go app.


Scan & Go Asda Scan & Go logo

The human problem

Long ingrained shopping habits are notoriously hard to break. Once customers enter a store, they tend to be focused on their shopping mission to the exclusion of everything else. Persuading them to take the time to try something new would be tricky.

Our insight

Convenience is a huge driver for shoppers. If there is a way to make shopping easier people will adopt it, so long as they really understand the benefit and are persuaded doing so won’t require too much extra effort.  If we could immediately convey both the whys and hows of Scan & Go, we’d stand a much greater chance of converting customers.

asda scan & go POS

Our approach

Through careful focus group research, our team developed a clear and concise design and messaging solution which showed our audience how Scan & Go can help them to shop. Through striking icons and direct but playful copy, our campaign seamlessly wove together customer advantages and customer instructions.

The impact

Reactions to the new initiative have been extremely positive, both from colleagues and customers alike. What’s more, our Scan & Go work has already become a benchmark within Asda for making complex customer communications easy to digest.