Changing people’s views on eye care.

Despite offering better value and simpler pricing than its competitors, ASDA Opticians was being overlooked.

To raise sales and footfall, we created an advertising strategy to help them engage with shoppers who were focused only on their groceries.

With high profile and high spending competitors, our ideas had to Punch Above Their Weight to get ASDA Opticians on customers’ shopping lists.

fake nose with moustache and glasses
ASDA Opticians billboard and magazine adverts

The human problem

For decades, big brand opticians have created a fear of putting your eyes in the hands of anyone but the perceived experts.

We needed to give customers a new way to think about opticians, one that fits with what they already know about Asda.

Our insight

A trip to the opticians is a necessary chore. But people can often feel they’ve paid more than they should, with hidden costs racking up.

Keeping things simple is one of Asda’s strengths, and this matters more than ever as shoppers get busier and savvier.

Our solution

The solution lay in communicating the clarity of Asda Opticians’ offer.

We created a toolkit that focused on our transparency of cost, highlighting clear customer benefits, and challenging the view of competitors, making people question what others were hiding.

We also took a no-nonsense visual approach, to contrast with the smiling models and product close-ups of other brands. This gave our messages stand out everywhere from the store to local outdoor, print and social media advertising.

CreativeRace spent a great deal of time getting to know the service offering, understanding the pricing structure, getting to the root of what a customer is really looking for.

Simon Coop Design Manager, Asda
We don't disguise our prices - multiple examples of Asda Opticians adverts

The impact

Whilst it’s still too early to share results, the Asda team has shown great enthusiasm for the campaign.

They’ve worked hard to get everything out during the pandemic, making sure a trip to the supermarket changes how customers view eye care too. Watch this space!