Promoting the perfect fit.

The commercial challenge

In the summer of 2020, Asda and B&Q reached agreement on a series of in-store concessions. The move suited both retailers.

B&Q were looking for more outlets for their core range, while Asda wanted to provide their customers with an enhanced offering. We were asked to create a multichannel campaign that launched this surprising but very practical partnership.


Asda x B&Q from fish fingers to finishing

The human problem

Consumers like to pigeonhole their brands, and assign specific names they trust to specific tasks. Breaking these long-established shopping habits and getting our audiences to reassess how they shop would be key in creating a successful campaign.

Our insight

Both brands were household favourites and had a lot of joint customers. So, trust wasn’t an issue. However, jolting consumers out of their buying patterns would require a truly disruptive campaign; one that forced our audiences to re-evaluate their mindsets.

from dinner to drills - b&q x asda

Our approach

We wanted to grab the attention of our target markets, with big graphic visuals which juxtaposed everyday grocery items and everyday DIY items with truly extraordinary results. The results were a series of combined images and headlines that playfully and surprisingly brought both worlds together.

The impact

The original trials in Asda Dagenham and Asda Sheffield Drakehouse proved to be a great success, with initial sales exceeding targets by a significant margin. Indeed, not only is the B&Q concession now being rolled out nationally, prompted Asda to start the positive reaction has exploring other big brand partnerships.