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New Year/New Start… Or Not?

With January well underway, Strategy Director Victoria Aspinall discusses 2022 predictions, long-term brand growth and success.

Best Practice for Starting Paid Social in 2022

Looking to get ahead of Paid Social in 2022. Megan from our team shares her best practices.

The C Word and its use in Modern Marketing

Let's explore what we mean when we talk about cultural relevance for brands and why is it important to get it right

CreativeRace partner with Leeds charity to supply Christmas presents to disadvantaged children

CreativeRace has partnered with Engage Leeds to ensure more children do not go without presents this Christmas. 

CreativeRace to complete brand design for the Visual Media Conference for a second year while supporting young creative talent

Following the success of this year’s VMC, CreativeRace have announced that they will be continuing branding and design support for 2022

In the press: CreativeRace announce two senior leadership hires

Independent, integrated agency CreativeRace has announced two key additions to their leadership team, Victoria Aspinall as Strategy Director

CreativeRace develop concept for the inaugural Centurion Corporate Challenge and raise funds for disadvantaged children

CreativeRace’s 20-strong corporate team completed the inaugural Corporate Centurion Challenge to raise funds for LYR.

“Christmas is a f***ing pain”: Why championing unpopular opinions could be your route to success

Senior Strategist, Ed Steele, explores how tapping into some of the more unpopular Christmas opinions may unlock a brands ability to connect with an audience at Christmas.

In the press: CreativeRace announce latest client win, payment provider Nochex

Independent, integrated agency CreativeRace has announced a further client win with leading payment provider Nochex.

Awards: CreativeRace and Asda win Best Retail Campaign at the Prolific North Marketing Awards

CreativeRace was named Best Retail Campaign winner at the Prolific North Marketing Awards for our work on Asda’s sustainable store initiative.

Tree-mendous Tips to Spruce Up Your Digital PR this Christmas

With Christmas around the corner we’ve collated a few ways in which brands can maintain link results with top tips and low-risk tactics, whether you are talking about Christmas or not.

8 Things to consider when preparing your Black Friday PPC campaigns

With Black Friday approaching, here are 8 things to consider when preparing your PPC campaigns for the peak period.

Webinar Review: What brands should ask their agencies about digital PR

Prolific North, CreativeRace and Banana Moon tackled the question of what brands should be asking their agencies about digital PR in 2021 at a dedicated webinar.

Is traditional PR dying? Some thoughts on the future.

Our Communications Director Rebecca Jones explores, 'Whether PR is really dead.'

In the news: CreativeRace adds colour to Crown Decorating Centres through strategic store redesign.

With the support of integrated agency CreativeRace, Crown Decorating Centre’s (CDC’s) have opened its first new retail concept store aimed to entice the consumer market.

In the press: Go Car Credit appoint CreativeRace for digital services

Independent, integrated agency CreativeRace has been appointed as the new integrated digital marketing partner for Go Car Credit following a competitive pitch process.  

Pulp fiction and the art of the edit

What can the trials and tribulations of past creators teach us about the creative processes of today? This week our Senior Copywriter, Bill Lyne, shares a classic tale from the golden age of pulp.

Google’s drive on automation continues, with the latest update affecting Expanded Text Ads (ETAs)

Head of PPC, Bhavisha, explains the impact of Google’s latest update on automation - this time affecting Expanded Text Ads (ETAs).

I am an Introvert: Personality and Inclusivity

Our Executive Creative Director Tim is an introvert. In this post he discussed his process for dealing with that fact in a agency environment.

Don’t be cool, be effective

Our Senior Strategist, Ed, discusses why trying to be cool might seem appealing to brands, but it could be counterproductive to achieving your objectives.  

In-depth analysis: Connecting with consumers in the post-lockdown world

As we move out of lockdown people’s lives and their shopping behaviour are changing, and at pace.

Dirty Words

Our Executive Creative Director, Tim Donald, runs through the 5 'dirtiest' words in the creative industry and how they should really be used to describe great creative work..

Give it some flex

With workplace flexibility more prevalent than ever, our Communications Director, Rebecca Jones, reflects upon her previous experiences as a working mother of two children, and whether those challenges have changed in the present day.

How offline retailers can overcome brand challenges right now

Senior Strategist, Ed Steele, explores why retailers who start with understanding real people, and then deliver the right solutions and marketing to match, are the ones who will continue to thrive.

Multiple client wins for CreativeRace

Independent, integrated agency CreativeRace announces a number of client wins from competitive pitching processes and across multiple services.

Brand Strategy: why the fame game works

Strategy Director, Andrew Hovells, writes about why the most effective approach a brand can take is to build fame, because after all, it's uncommercial to be lukewarm.

Auto-apply ads: Review auto-applied recommendations before opting-in.

Google and Microsoft are shortly launching auto-applied recommendations for ads. Head of PPC Bhavisha looks at which ones you should (or should not) be opting in to.

New campaign? Don’t let PR be the last one to the table.

While PR’s fight against the ‘last one to the table’ role, Communications Director, Rebecca, asks 'does it have to be this way and is that the best outcome for the brand?'

Ritual, habit, routine. Why brands should get the habits habit.

Exploring the theory that perhaps, future brand success depends on helping people think less and putting habits and rituals at the centre of marketing more.

CreativeRace hires former Social Chain Creative Director

CreativeRace has announced the appointment of Tim Donald as Executive Creative Director.

Are you ready for Google’s match type update?

As of July for Google (August for Microsoft), advertisers will no longer be able to edit existing BMM keywords, or create new BMM keywords. Are your campaigns ready?

Wellness: thinking beyond the hype

How can brands help the need for better health without alienating people who think ‘wellness’ is not for them?

What’s the story morning glory: how storytelling will cut through

I’ve been thinking about why storytelling works to set brands apart and how we can use it to cut through the ever-increasing noise of life to help brands punch above their weight.

Fortune favours the agile: how brands will win post-lockdown

As we reach the beginning of the end of COVID restrictions, the brands that will win are the ones that can adapt the quickest...

All new regex: Google Search Console

Google has finally released Regex filtering for the performance report in Google Search Console. For those asking, “what’s Regex?”, this article is for you..

Together apart.

As we all start eyeing up what a return to normal may possibly look like, maybe it’s time for our industry to see what some of those changes have had on the way creatives work, and what learnings we can take from them.

CreativeRace appointed by Crown Paints

CreativeRace has been appointed by Crown Paints to deliver retail strategy and store design.

Weather: a marketer’s friend

Why do we think and talk about weather so much? This week’s blog explores the impact of the weather on our emotions, behaviour and how we interact (and spend) with brands.

A non-technical site speed primer for marketers and business owners

With the upcoming Google Core Web Vitals (CWV) update ready to roll out this May, our SEO Director, Malcolm Slade, provides a simplified guide to help understand what it is and whether brands and marketers be concerned.

Everyone’s talking about…. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the latest hot new social app being talked about. What is it, how does it work, and what are the opportunities for brands and marketers?

When it comes to data, better answers require better questions

When everyone has the same data, it’s how you interpret it that can throw up surprising directions and new lines of enquiry. Insight over information.

If you want your brand to be heard, start by listening.

If you really want an audience to engage with you, you have to listen to them. Only that way can you start to understand how to make them listen to you.

Novelty Bias, our friend and our enemy

‘Novelty Bias’ has many, many implications for how we live our lives and also how we market. Some good, some less so...

CreativeRace appoints new SEO Director, Malcolm Slade

Malcolm Slade joins as SEO Director and part of the senior leadership team to head up the new integrated performance offering.

Fact, fiction or both?

The truth about how people really behave, or think, is often far more interesting than black and white statements.

People want more value, not lower prices

Marketing is about providing something that your customers’ value. To win during a recession you need to give them more value than ever before.

United you stand

While news sources would have us believe that we are a divided nation, Strategy Director Andrew Hovells reveals that in truth there is much that connects us.

Brand experience is not blind

Ed Steele, our Senior Strategist, discusses the power of context in influencing people's experiences

CreativeRace announce significant 2020 appointments to secure growth into 2021

CreativeRace have announced a number of key hires in 2020 to support the delivery of their growth plans into 2021.

It pays to be popular

Our Senior Strategist Ed Steele digs into the idea that people don't like being told what to do

CreativeRace partner with Asda to design sustainable store

As Asda begin work driving sustainability in store, they turned to long-term partner CreativeRace to help bring the concept to life for consumers.

Appointment of a new CEO for CreativeRace

Today we announce the appointment of Rob Shaw as our new CEO and exciting plans for our future growth.

Let’s hear it for the rule breakers

Our Design Director, Pat Hawkes, explores what it takes to avoid your brand disappearing into the background.

Seize the moment

Our Strategy Director, Andrew Hovells, explains why fanning the flames of a trend on the rise is your window of opportunity

Time for a change

Ed Steele, our Senior Strategist examines why there’s never been a better time to encourage some new habits among your audience.

Marketing, it’s a Mind Game

Andrew Hovells, our Strategy Director, explores the power of a nudge.

Real life is complicated, like it or not

Our Strategy Director, Andrew Hovells, explains how what people say, isn’t the whole story.

Did they help?

Its what your brand does in a crisis that matters

Don’t try to change the world

Change yourself, or your business.

Do you really understand your audience?

As marketing people, we often like to think that we naturally ‘get’ our customers/audience/consumers, whatever you want to call them.

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More Leverage Please...

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